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John Deere 7400 tractor specifications and technical data

Specifications and technical data for the John Deere 6400 Tractor can be found on this page.John Deere is the manufacturer of the Model 7400 Premium 4 × 4 Tractor.A John Deere 7400 for sale from original dealerships may be equipped with different transmissions, which means second-hand tractor buyers will be fined one of three types.Some tractors are equipped with the fully synchronized JOHN DEERE SychroPlus transmission with 12 forward and four reverse gears or the JOHN DEERE PowrReverser transmission with power inverter and 16 forward and reverse gears.Other Model 7400 tractors feature JOHN DEERE’s partial power shift PowrQuad transmission with 16 or 24 forward and reverse gears.

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John Deere 7400 tractor specifications and technical data
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Technical Specifications John Deere 7400

General information about John Deere 7400
BrandJohn Deere
ModelJohn Deere 7400
Previous model
Next model
Yearsfrom 1993 to 1996 y.
Cab with ROPSNo
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John Deere 7400 SpecsValue
Maximum power (HP / kW)b.d.
Engine RPM2100 rpm
Fuel consumptionn.d.
Fuel tank capacityn.d.
Max. speedn.d.
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John Deere 7400