Deere 7400 tractor will not move

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Deere 7400 tractor

I have a John Deere 7400 tractor that I have had since I bought it new.I use it for light hay work like raking.You have few hours.
I recently went to use the 7400, and it won’t budge.I’ve tested it in all gears, both forward and reverse, and it won’t budge.Strop tractor light blinks.All fluids are new and at the proper levels.The 3 point hitch works well.Can anybody help me?¡¡¡!!!!!

The range lever has a park position.You would have to pull out of the park to select any range.Since it has since new, I doubt this is the problem.

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Deere 7400 tractor will not move
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John Deere 7400
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