John deere 7400 hydraulics

i have a john deere 7400 power quad, and after running it for a couple of hours the hydraulic oil gets hot.I have changed the filters and cleaned the bottom grill.neither the levers nor the brakes nor anything seems to be stuck a bit.What do i try now?Also, when it warms up, and the tractor is idling, the transmission low pressure light comes on as well.

You should check the standby pressure of the pump to make sure something is not causing the pump to go high all the time.Also, does the high temperature light come on or does the oil just seem to be hot?Transmission oil gets pretty hot, so try checking with a temp gauge of some kind.You should also check the transmission pressure with a pressure gauge, don’t trust the warning light, those pressure sending units on power quads fail very often in series
series ** 00.

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John Deere 7400
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